Double Mills

St. Michael’s, Maryland

On a peninsula overlooking the Tred Avon River in St. Michael’s, this small house is part of an estate with buildings that were built in a vernacular style typical of Maryland’s Eastern shore. Though the building is new, we intended our design to appear as if it were a renovation of the farm’s 19th century outbuildings. The house features clapboard siding painted white, cedar shingle roofing, bead board ceilings and an exposed timber frame. Pairs of French doors and oversized double-hung windows open through the front porch onto a pool. A full bedroom suite is within an attached shed-roofed wing. The design achieves a quiet elegance through its embrace of the simple dignity of its 19th century neighbors.

  • Washington Chapter AIA/Washingtonian Award 1993
  • Washington Chapter AIA/Award of Excellence 1991
  • House Beautiful, June 1989