Charlottesville, Virginia

Located on 180 acres in the Virginia Piedmont, this new farm compound includes a main house, a guest house, a barn and a garden shed. Sited amongst mature trees at the edge of a plateau overlooking a meadow, the community of buildings draws upon the local vernacular for inspiration.   Wood framed structures with white clapboard siding are set on brick foundations capped by steep standing seam tin roofs. 

The Living and Dining spaces are designed as a single room with a high ceiling and clerestory windows bookended by a pair of fireplaces. This tall central space finds expression with a higher roof form that serves to establish the hierarchy and provide order to the ensemble of structures.  The thoughtful arrangement of windows, French doors, porches and terraces provide a variety of vantage points from which to connect the occupants with bucolic setting. Great care was taken in arranging the buildings on the site to optimize their interaction with one another and with the surrounding landscape. 

  • Washington Chapter AIA/Award of Excellence 1996
  • Garden Design, May 1996
  • Washington Chapter AIA/Washingtonian Residential Design Award 1995
  • Traditional Home, March 1995